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Support Groups

"Find Clarity and Hope Through Honest Truth Support Services' Support Groups"

Support Groups will be offered on a sliding scale. Those who can contribute more, help to offset those who can not. Fees may qualify for reimbursement through some health care plans under "Social Work".



Q - Why is there a fee for a support group? Aren't these usually free?

A - Support groups take a lot of time and planning. Yes there are agencies that offer free support groups, but the people who are planning and running these support groups do get paid through their agency by government funding. Unfortunately, government funding can get pulled at anytime causing groups to be cancelled. Employee turn over also creates issues for successfully running support groups. Having privately hosted support groups that are not government funded means consistency! The main facilitator of the group is also a licensed mental health professional and has a duty to maintain standards of practice and ethics. 

Q- Are groups open or closed?

A- At this time, groups will be open. This means that people can join in at any point. The facilitators will do their best to catch up those who join later on in the groups journey.

Q- Will anymore groups be run?

A- Yes! As we expand, there will be different types of groups offered if interest is shown.


Support Groups Offered

Anxiety & Depression for Teens - Bi Weekly - Sunday Evenings

Anxiety & Depression for Adults - Bi Weekly - Sunday Evening

Grief Support Group - Bi Weekly - Friday Evenings

Mindfulness Self Compassion - Bi Weekly - Friday Evenings

Feel Free to RSVP to show your interest in joining our support groups!


- Check back soon for more updates!

(anticipated start date - April 2023)

Upcoming Events

  • Mental Health Support Groups
    April 2023
    April 2023
    Strathroy, 27 Front St W, Strathroy, ON N7G 1X5, Canada
    Support Groups are coming to Strathroy! - Grief Support - Anxiety/Depression Support for Adults and Teens - Mindfulness Based Self Compassion Series
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