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Q- Am I a Psychotherapist?

A- No I am not. I am a Registered Social Service Worker! I provide assessment, treatment and evaluation services within the client and social service worker relationship. A social service worker is able to provide counselling services and support within their scope of practice or expertise. My scope of practice includes: Anxiety, depression, grief/loss/bereavement, stress, life skills, and palliative care/end of life support. My perspective is highly trauma informed.

Q- What is Counselling?

A- Counselling services are defined as services provided within the context of a professional relationship with the goal of assisting clients in addressing issues in their lives by such activities as helping clients to find solutions and make choices through exploration of options, identification of strengths and needs, locating information and providing resources, and promoting a variety of coping strategies, but do not include psychotherapy services or the controlled act of psychotherapy. - Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Worker

Q- I noticed your price increased. Why?

A- Unfortunately running a business in Ontario has become more and more expensive. As the price for continuing education, licensing fees, liability insurance, and life in general increase, so too do service fees so that business can stay open. I do offer limited sliding scale opportunities, so please inquire. If you are a current client, I will honour my past fee but with an increase in January 2024.

Q- Will my insurance cover this?

A - Every insurance company is different so please contact your provider to inquire. Some insurances will accept my services under social work but may require a license number. Please communicate to the insurance company that you are seeking services from a Registered Social Service Worker. RSSW's are advocating for their services to be added to more insurance companies.

Q- Are you insured?

A- Yes, I am. As a self employed professional, I need to hold liability insurance to protect myself, and you!

Q- Why do you ask for payment at the beginning of the session/service?

A- It makes it easier for both of us! I don't have to send reminders, and you don't have to remember to pay! You wouldn't go to the grocery store and leave without paying, would you?

Q- End of Life Doula? What is that? How does someone get into that line of work?

A- Please look through the resources on the End of Life Service Page for more information. As for me getting into that line of work, I see death as an inevitable experience, so why fear it? It is better to talk about death and prepare for it so it does not have to be a negative experience for ourselves or our loved ones.

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