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8 Session Mental Health Education Program

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There is a lot of important information regarding our mental health and our bodies that we unfortunately are not taught in school. I strongly believe that if we had this information, it would help prevent a lot of pain in suffering in adulthood. BUT it is never too late to learn!

Join me on a learning adventure where you will truly understand what is happening in your body and mind when you are experiencing POSITIVE & NEGATIVE mental health.

8 Session Breakdown


Week 1 – Introduction to the Biology of Anxiety & Depression

Week 2 – What Is Polyvagal Theory and Why is it Important?

Week 3 – Befriending Your Nervous System

Week 4 – Mindfulness Based Self Compassion

Week 5 – Boundaries

Week 6 – Trauma

Week 7 – Grief

Week 8 – Moving Forward



"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates

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