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Sarah Chouffot, RSSW

Are you having a hard time and need someone to chat with that can give you a different perspective on the struggles you are facing? Well look no further! I have a wealth of knowledge that I would love to share with you!

As someone who knows what it is like to struggle, I noticed how much important information was missing regarding mental health. I was not the only one, and now our mainstream media is flooded with so much mental health information that it is very confusing to know where to start. 

This is where I come in! I am a great first step on your mental wellness journey! I provide Counselling and Psycho-Education. For a lot of people, this may be all that is needed to change behaviour and thinking patterns without having to invest more for Psychotherapy or Psychological Services.
If you do require more than I can offer, I can help you explore the next steps so you can navigate the more expensive services with more knowledge and clarity before taking the deeper plunge into your mental health investment!

If this sounds like something that you may benefit from, REACH OUT today!

Mental health support can be a very expensive investment if you do not have a benefits plan. My suggested fee is $90/session but if this is unattainable for your current situation, please still reach out so we can discuss what would work with your personal budget.


Honest Truth Support Services

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