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Counselling That Will Change The Way You Think About Yourself

Counselling & Psychotherapy


Visit Me Online or at My Cozy Home Office

Speak Your Mind and Learn...

- What is actually going on when you are anxious and depressed.

- To increase your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness.

- To Communicate better.

- To understand your mind and body on a deeper level.

- To advocate for yourself.

Investment - $90/session

*Psychotherapy services provided under supervision

The Biology of Mental Health

An Online Course

Are you too busy for counselling or psychotherapy?

Are you tired of feeling down?

Are you tired of feeling anxious?

Do you experience shame & guilt?

If so, The Biology of Mental Health can help!

In this self-paced online course, you will learn what is going on with your body and brain when you struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, & grief.

Session Breakdown:

 1 – Introduction to the Biology of Anxiety & Depression

 2 – What Is Polyvagal Theory and Why is it Important?

 3 – Befriending Your Nervous System

 4 – Mindfulness & Self Compassion

 5 – Boundaries

 6 – Trauma

 7 – Grief

 8 – Moving Forward

The Biology of Mental Health

Why You Should Work With Me

Sarah Chouffot, RSSW

Mental wellness takes work! I know what is it like to struggle with the negative impacts of trauma and anxiety. I feel that the best support and knowledge comes from someone who has been there, navigated the struggle and has the education to back it up.

I offer a compassionate approach and an easy going attitude. I love to make sessions comfortable by being myself and adding humor to our interactions. Come as you are... warts and all!

If you are a fan of dogs, my highly trained but over-exited dog Willa loves to join sessions! (3 year old, 30lb Bernadoodle)

I support adults, teens, and children over the age of 5.

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