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  • Sarah Chouffot

Good Grief

Grief is a challenging experience to navigate. Not only are we dealing with the most intense emotions imaginable, but we can feel like we are going crazy!! Thankfully we have many models of grief recovery that we can look to for guidance to help track our trajectory through grieving.

We have Margaret Stroebe (Dual Process Grief - Below) John Bowlby - emphasizes that our grief is dependant on the extent of our attachment. Theresa Rando - The 6R's And many more....

I am sure that most of you are familiar with the fact that there are are stages of grief and that we move through them in no particular order, but did you know where are different types of grief?

- Normal Grief - Complicated Grief - Disenfranchised Grief - Chronic Grief - Compounded Grief - Traumatic Grief - Anticipatory Grief ..... and more!

If you are finding that you are having a hard time working through the grieving process, reach out to someone for support! You don't have to do this alone!

For those of you in Ontario, I offer Bereavement counselling, so reach out if you need me!

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