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  • Sarah Chouffot

All Grown Up - Childhood Trauma

So much of what happens to us in childhood - both good and bad, can be seen in our adult years. It can be hard to look back and recall what may have happened to create the responses we are having now, but for a lot of us, not being listened to as a child, not being validated, and basically being treated like we were not our own person causes so much anxiety, anger, fear, and lack of self esteem.

Thankfully as adults, we have the choice to change how we react. We can not go back in time to change our experiences, nor can we change how people treat us or react to us, but we can change how we react to them. Self reflection is an important skill that should be explored and taken very seriously! It's a game changer!

We can break the cycle of childhood trauma!

All Grown Up


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